Pro Steadicam with wireless follow focus & video system

Lots of people wonder how to set up their camera stabilizers, so that they can remotely pull focus on the go.

I already did two posts about this… one about the DIY wireless video system that I put together for around $300, and another one about the Wondlan wireless follow focus system.

If you combine such a system together with your stabilizer, you will have complete freedom. You can move in and away from your subject, and still keep the shot in focus.

The only thing that you might not be aware is that most camera stabilizers will not take on the weight of this full set-up. This is especially a problem if you want to connect an HDMI splitter and a monitor (so that you can see what your DSLR/DSLM sees while sending a wireless video signal to your focus puller). To put a system like this together, you will also need to use some kind of a cage and rail system for your camera, which, of course, adds even more weight.

If your camera stabilizer can’t handle that much weight, you can now get a good and affordable (under $900) steadicam that can handle any camera set-up.

I’m talking about the CAME-TV Pro Steadicam, which is available on their website and eBay.

For a little extra, you can get the exact same steadicam kit I used (including the travel case).

Please check out below my video review of this set-up

If you want to know exactly how I connect my whole system then watch the following video

I use this Liliput monitor. It has both HDMI and SDI connections with HDMI and SDI splitters built into it. This allows me to use this whole set-up with any DSLR, and still be able to see what the camera sees while sending the HDMI signal to my focus puller. This monitor is also great because of other video functions, such as histogram, peaking, etc.

Also available on eBay

If you want more details on the wireless follow focus and the video system I use, then please check out the two previous links, or watch the videos below

10 thoughts on “Pro Steadicam with wireless follow focus & video system”

  1. Great video demo and walk-through of all the parts. I got a really good sense of the quality of the rig and capabilities. I have been thinking about getting one of these and now I think I definitely will.

    Your balancing felt like a clunky process, and in my research about Steadicams and talking to some operators, there is definitely a speedier and more precise way to get your unit in balance. Check out videos on YouTube of “how to achieve dynamic balance” (from Steadicam and/or some indie guys, it all works the same way) and I think you’ll have an easier time getting a more precise dynamic balance for the camera.

    Good luck and keep up the great work. Thanks for all your detailed posts about this low-cost camera gear.

  2. I just Received my steadycam and Must say its is massive!
    I was really suprised by The weight of The steadycam!

    I connect my fully rig to it, and Must say it is Heavy!
    So i Need to go to The gym, becouse of when u use it more than 1h withouth rest! U be like ahhhh!But im very very happy with it!

    1. Glad to hear your happy with the steadicam. Im loving mine… but yes, it is heavy. Than again its meant for bigger and heavier setups.

  3. Hi, thank you a lot for all your detailed and so nicely made tutorials/reviews. They help finding decisions a lot of people I guess and of course also me!

    You did Reviews for a lot of different gear to stabilize your DSLR Camera. I would like to ask one question regarding my personal need.

    I am doing a documentary where I film dancers. – circling them following them. – Sometimes really fast. In my opinion a Steadicam would the best stabilizing system for that. And this one from 2.5 – 15kg from Came seem to be really good and affordable. The other one that really attracted my attention is the Flycam Vista 2. It seems to be really light and also well manufactured. Have you ever tried this one or even compared the two? Till now I am using a Flycam nano – results are quite good. In your opinion would a steadicam with west and arm (Came or Flycam vista) increase the smothness of the shuts even a lot more?

    Thank you a lot!


    1. Ive never used the flycam vista 2 so I can’t comment on it. As for the vest and arm… it won’t make the shots smoother but it makes it easier to work with heavier camera setups and also to hold the camera for longer periods of time. So if you’re right now able to use the steadicam with your camera setup for longer and ure arm doesn’t hurt then don’t spend money on a vest and arm… but if you feel like you barely can hold this weight then get it.

  4. What are those big batteries that you have on the top and on the bottom of the steady cam… I been trying to find out the name of those batteries but I haven’t had any luck finding them. I need to connect my monitor to a battery, since the battery that comes with the monitor doesn’t last more than 2 hours. So yea, please help me Tom, what are the names of those two big gray batteries you use on your steady cam

  5. Hi, thank you for a lot for all tutorials. Actually I live in Australia and I want to buy a steadicam from CAME-TV but I am so confused and excited from place, my questions is why the low price of their products?

  6. Hello Tom,

    Just discover your video since I am planing to purchase a CAME-TV Stabilizer. I have the Canon XL-2 (cannot afford newer system). Will my canon work with this stabilizer?
    Watching the video, I noticed that there were quite some few accessories you were displaying. Does the item come with all these accessories? Or I will have to buy them separate. Please advise.
    (Please also send a reply through my email)

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