Panasonic’s 4K camera released at $1698

Great news. You can now order the hotly anticipated Panasonic GH4 camera. As expected, the price is very competitive – at $1698, this is by far the most affordable 4K camera.

To find out more, see my review of this camera, or click below to purchase.

Wondering which lenses to get for the GH4? Check out my recommendations in this post.

3 thoughts on “Panasonic’s 4K camera released at $1698”

  1. Hey Tom, i’m thinking about ordering this one…a bit confused between Canon 70d and GH4 mainly because of lens availability…
    According to you, which lens should i order along with GH4???? the well known Lumix 14-140mm???
    p.s. my projects include short films, music videos, and ads..

    1. Hi Kewal, I suggest you invest in lenses of aperture 2.8 or lower only for M43 cameras like GH4. If you have to buy one cheap I would say yes just 1 – 14-140 and now more lenses.
      Otherwise you can think of Nikon (Manual aperture), rokinon lenses in Canon mount and get Adapter.
      pd: where you from, USA?

  2. I am waiting for a bit more reviews and then I will order this if the reviews are good… then I am not sure what to do with the70d lol

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