Manfrotto tripods

Manfrotto Tripods

My favorite tripods are from Manfrotto. Here I will show you two of their models from the low budget to a high end unit.

The first tripod is the Manfrotto 504HD Head with 546B Legs

Get the Manfrotto 504HD kit on

The smaller and cheaper model is the Manfrotto Compact MKC3-H01

Get the Manfrotto Compact MKC3-H01 on

If you want to try out the smaller model before buying it then you can find it at most Target or Wal-Mart locations.

Here is the video where I review both of these.

I can honestly say that both of them are great tripods. Of course it’s hard to compare them to each other since they vary drastically in price, size and purpose they were built for. Here are my pro’s and con’s of each.

Manfrotto 504HD Head with 546B Legs
-Super Smooth Pan and Tilt
-Very Sturdy and Strong
-Made out of long lasting materials
-Cost is expensive
-Heavy tripod (not good to carry around)
-Designed only as a video tripod.

Manfrotto Compact MKC3-H01
-It’s very affordable
-Small and light (great to carry around by one person crew)
-Easily adaptable for video and photo
-Can’t hold heavier cameras such as Red Epic or a Canon 5D with rails, follow focus etc.
-Not the smoothest pan and tilt when doing prices movements

You can also find these tripods on eBay

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