2013 Big League Cine Summit

bigleaguecinesummit I’ll be presenting at this years Big League Cine Summit.

The event is presented by Aviv of Big League Film School and features 12 great filmmakers. It even features the Hollywood big timer BRUCE LOGAN ASC

The event is offered for free! Just make sure you’re on the site when the videos stream live.
The whole thing starts December 10th until the 12th. Go over to the website and enter your email to be notified when each seminar session starts: http://bigleaguecinesummit.com/

My presentation is about High-End Camera Moves done on a budget. It’s about an hour long. That will be on the last day, December 12th.

I hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know your thoughts and if you’d like me to do another one of these, if so what topics would you like me to cover.

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