Color Correction – matching sunny and cloudy shots

In this tutorial, I show you how to get around a common problem when filming outside on a day with a mix of sun and clouds. Since you can’t always stop and wait till the light matches all your previous shots, you will have to do what big productions do – fix it with color correction. Watch this video tutorial to find out how it’s done!

Tutorial 35

The footage in this tutorial was from my short “Killing Love”. You can watch it below.

3 thoughts on “Color Correction – matching sunny and cloudy shots”

  1. enjoyed your color correction tutorial and others. i am
    surprised you didn’t use your waveform monitor and
    vectorscope. these along with a calibrated color
    monitor were my tools of the trade for the 35 yrs. or so
    i worked as a video engineer. it also helps to have a good eye,
    as you seem to have.

    john senior video please comment

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