Sirui 150mm Full Frame Anamorphic Lens

The new Anamorphic lens from Sirui is here, and it completes their Venus full frame anamorphic lens collection.

The latest release is a 150mm Anamorphic Lens for Full Frame Mirrorless cameras. It has an aperture of T2.9 to 16 and a 1.6X squeeze aspect ratio. The minimal focus distance is just 0.58 meters.

You can order the 150mm Full Frame Anamorphic lens here.

This lens is designed for mirrorless full frame cameras. I have the Sony E mount version but you can also get it in RF Mount, L Mount, Z Mount.

The squeeze aspect ratio of this lens is 1.6X which means that if you put it on a few of the mirrorless cameras that are out there which can shoot in 3X2 aspect ratio then you will end up with a 2.4:1 aspect ratio. However on a standard 16X9 aspect ratio sensor you will end up with a final image that has an aspect of 2.8:1

All my examples were shot on the Sony a7s3 with that aspect ratio which is a bit wider than the usual cinema scope. I personally really like it, but not to worry, you can always crop in a bit an end up with the standard cinema widescreen aspect of 2.4:1

➡Get the whole Sirui Anamorphic lens kit here:
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➡Diopter filters for close focusing I use are here:
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If you already own the other Sirui full frame anamorphic lenses that I previously reviewed then this lens will match perfectly. This focal length creates a complete kit with the other 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm lenses. There is another full frame anamorphic lens from Sirui released that many people don’t talk much about which has a focal length of 135mm. Also a great lens but it has a slightly more aggressive squeeze aspect ratio of 1.8X.
I think the 1.8X ratio is why many people didn’t like using it alongside the other lenses. Personally I simply crop in more to match the aspect ratio of the other lenses and that way I think the 135mm lens is also a great match to this whole kit.

Now getting back to the 150mm lens. The image quality is really amazing. It reproduces colors great without any noticeable shifts and is exceptionally sharp without looking too artificial. I also haven’t noticed any excessive chromatic aberration or focus breathing.

You will get the typical anamorphic characteristics such as the stretched oval bokeh and horizontal flares. The same as their other anamorphic lenses.. Of course if you are not a fan of the horizontal streaks then you can always minimize them or get rid of them completely by using different filters or a mattebox.

Something to keep in mind is that when you are recording with this lens, you will need to have a camera or monitor that is capable of de squeeze the image. I personally use the Atomos Ninja V monitor which has a 1.5X mode. Even though it’s not exactly like the 1.6x aspect of this lens, I find that it works without any issues and allows me to properly compose my shots and nail the focus.

The build quality of this lens is just as exceptional as the previous Sirui lenses. Both the focus and aperture rings are geared and they line up perfectly with their other lenses. This of course makes it easier and faster to switch lenses on a cinema camera setup.

The fast aperture of T2.9 makes it a great low light lens. Especially when you combine it with a camera such as the Sony a7S3. You can easily use this lens for those run and gun film projects where you can’t control the lighting. Also the aperture has 16 blades which help produce those smooth oval bokeh.

Another thing that really impressed me is the minimum focus distance of only 0.58 meters. Considering that this lens has a focal length  of 150mm it makes it a great macro lens. I was able to capture some real close up details without the use of any diopters.

Now that I have this complete kit of the Sirui full frame anamorphic lenses, I am looking forward to using them on a film project where I can put them all to a test. If you want to see my results and opinion of that than make sure you follow me on my website by subscribing to my newsletter. Also let me know what kind of a film you would like me to shoot with these lenses. Maybe drop some ideas for a project that I can create down in the comments below. Thanks!

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