He made and sold his film for profit!

Find out how indie filmmaker Rubidium Wu made and sold his film “The Devil’s Fortune” on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

By self distributing the film, the filmmaker keeps all the profits that would otherwise go to a distribution company. This means the filmmaker can break even faster. This allows tiny budget, indie films to then start making a profit so they can make a living full time producing films and using part of those profits to self finance the next film.

Check out the film on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3D3vVrK
Also on iTunes https://apple.co/3zFMauz

Rubidium used various online services to find cheap and free locations for his film. Websites such as https://www.peerspace.com/ and https://giggster.com/

Here is an older collab video I did with Rubidium

Check out Rubidium’s YouTube channel.

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