Sirui 1.25x Anamoprhic Adapter

Sirui has released new anamorphic lenses for mirrorless cameras plus a 1.25x anamorphic adapter that you can use with any spherical or anamorphic lenses.

This anamorphic adapter has a back and front thread diameter of 82mm. It works with pretty much any lens and camera combination. Just keep in mind that the wider the taking lens and the bigger the camera sensor the more of a chance that you will start seeing the edges of the adapter. So it definitely will not work with very wide lenses.

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➡You can get the 75mm Full Frame Anamorphic lens here:
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➡You can also buy the 50mm Full Frame Anamorphic lens here:
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➡Diopter filters for close focusing I use are here
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Similar diopters on B&H

➡Viltrox E-mountAadapter for ZCam E2:

➡Get the ZCam E2 F6 here:
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Review of the 35mm and 100mm lens
Review of the 50mm lens
Review of the 75mm lens

00:00 – Intro
00:48 – Specs
01:35 – Lens Attachment
03:05 – Focusing
04:07 – Tests Intro
05:30 – Cameras and Lenes Used
08:03 – Tests on SIRUI 1.6x ZCam
08:08 – SIRUI 100mm 1.6x Lens Tests
09:50 – SIRUI 75mm 1.6x Lens Tests
11:28 – SIRUI 50mm 1.6x Lens Tests
12:56 – SIRUI 35mm 1.6x Lens Tests
14:12 – Spherical Lens Tests
14:17 – 100mm Spherical Lens Tests
15:45 – 75mm Spherical Lens Tests
17:10 – 50mm Spherical Lens Tests
18:31 – 35mm Spherical Lens Tests
19:53 – SIRUI 1.33x Anamorphic Lenses
19:58 – SIRUI 75mm 1.33x Lens Tests
21:12 – SIRUI 50mm 1.33x Lens Tests
22:22 – SIRUI 35mm 1.33x Lens Tests
23:02 – SIRUI 24mm 1.33x Lens Tests
24:13 – Conclusion

These lenses come in native mount for RF, L, E, Z mount camera systems, compatible with such full-frame cameras as Panasonic S1H, S5, RED Komodo, Canon R5, R6, C70, Sony FX3, Nikon Z6, Z7.

As an inexpensive alternative to branded full-frame anamorphic lenses, these lenses will make anamorphic accessible to more people.

A few mainstream mirrorless cameras currently on the market support 6K 3:2 image mode when their sensors are fully utilized. For example, when shooting at 3:2 with Panasonic S1H in 6K at 24 FPS, you’ll get a 6K footage in a 2.4:1 aspect ratio. When these lenses are used with most cameras that shoot in 16:9 aspect ratio the final de-squeezed aspect ratio is 2.8:1

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