Cheap isn’t always the best deal. Review of the Bietrun Small Wireless Mic.

I recently have been busy reviewing lots of these new, compact, wireless microphones. The Bietrun is the latest one I reviewed and also the most affordable.

Of course the best price isn’t always the best deal. Specially if you need a reliable wireless mic. In my tests so far this system falls short of something I can recommend even for those on a low budget. While it’s cheap it’s just not reliable at all to be used on any video shoot. Normally I don’t bother reviewing or mentioning products that I personally can’t recommend but since many of you have asked me about this mic I thought I would review it anyway.

I personally would recommend that you get the best (although more expensive) wireless mic which is the Rode Wireless GO 2 that I reviewed recently.

➡Rode Wireless GO II
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany

If you want to disregard my warning then you can find the Bietrun Wireless Mic here:

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