Pro EVF from Portkeys

I recently reviewed the most affordable electronic viewfinder from Portkeys where I referenced their more expensive model.

In today’s post I review their pro level EVF which like I mentioned is more expensive but does offer functions then the affordable EVF.

This more expensive EVF from Portkeys has a few key features that are not included in the cheaper model. Some of these are the included SDI and HDMI input and output connections. It also allows signal cross conversion. This even also accepts up to 4K DCI video signal. The screen itself is full HD which is slightly better then the cheaper LEYE model.

➡Portkeys OEYE-3G Electronic Viewfinder
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Overall it’s another great product from Portkeys just like their monitor or the other EVF they offer. If you don’t need the SDI connection then you can definitely save yourself some money by going with their LEYE model. Otherwise the next cheapest EVF that has all the pro features is this OEYE model.

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