Crazy long range wireless video kit with multiple cameras

If you need to be able to send uncompressed 10bit 422 HD video from multiple cameras then you should look into the new system that I got from CineGears.

I have been testing out a lot of different wireless video systems over the years from all of the known and less known brands in the industry. One brand I personally like is CineGears. I’ve used their previous wireless video kits and also a few of their wireless follow focus systems without any issues. This time I started using a new kit they offer that lets you transmit 2 and even 4 video signals from multiple transmitters into one receiver.

The new system that I got is the CineGears Two in One 2000M Full-HD Wireless Video Transmission Kit. I also paired it with the large panel antenna from CineGears which will extend the range of this wireless video system up to 3300 feet. As you can see in my tests I didn’t even get to test it to it’s full range because it was simply way too far for me to go that far away. I really did not see the need to ever need to be able to transmit video at such a range. This whole kit will work great if you are doing a typical film production but even more importantly when you are working on a live event like a sport event where you need multiple cameras in different parts of a stadium to send the signal to the video switcher for live editing.

Get the 2 in 1 wireless video kit here
Also here is the 4 in 1 wireless kit
Large Panel Antenna for long range

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