Official launch of my Patreon!

Join me on set, get 1-on-1 mentorship & exclusive filmmaking tutorials by becoming a Patreon!

I always want to share as much of my experience working on films with you guys as possible. Unfortunately most of the projects I work on don’t allow me to share behind the scenes clips because of copyrights. So most of my tutorials are from my self-financed films. Since each short film can cost anywhere from $3000 up to $20,000, as you can image that makes it impossible for me to produce more than one such project per year.

Thanks to the support I get from my Patreons I will be able to make more such films so I can share all the raw footage with my supporters. I will also be able to create more behind the scenes videos and tutorials plus Patreons will even be able to join me on set in person. For those who live too far, they can join me for 1 on 1 Google Hangouts or Skype calls so we can talk about filmmaking. If you want to become a member of my exclusive Patreon community then sign up here:

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