AndyCine FHD field monitor with Sony a6500

AndyCine FHD field monitor – budget price, pro features

Don’t be deceived by the looks, we’ve all heard. Well, I kind of got deceived by the looks of this monitor, and underestimated it at first. The manufacturer sent me a unit to review, but I didn’t use it right away because I did not expect much good from this monitor. Once I started it using, though, I quickly realized that this is a really good monitor.

I don’t know whether you can find a camera monitor right now that offers a better value. Despite its budget price, the AndyCine A6 offers pro functionality. The false color is probably what I appreciate the most.

The monitor also has guidelines for various aspect ratios. Since I often shoot in the Cinemascope wide aspect ratio, it’s great to know right away what is in the frame, and what I don’t have to worry about.

Here’s my full review of the AndyCine monitor

You can get the AndyCine A6 field monitor on Amazon, eBay

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