Horror film lighting with a single LED!

Here is a review of a powerful yet soft LED from iLEDGear.

For this review I got myself a new tan along with a slightly new look and accent 🙂
Anyway here is what Clint thinks of this new light:
“What stands out about the VR-2500 a.k.a. Victorsoft 18 is the softness of the light that it produces (i.e. the shadows are super smooth) with twice the power output of the CAME-TV Edge Light.”

See this light in action in this video.

You can get VR-2500 Bi-Color LED Soft Panel on B&H
Also on the iLEDGear website where you can save $30 with coupon code: tiptoemango

If you are interested in the creative masks, you can get them also on the iLEDGear website.

The successor to the Edge Light, the bi-color VR-2500 is certainly a great light that produced double the power output with light just as soft as the original. The light runs on AC power or on 1 industry-standard V-Mount battery, meaning you can easily use it both in a studio, and at remote locations.

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You can get the CAME-TV Edge LED Lights here:
BH Photo Video
CAME-TV website

Remember, in filmmaking there’s no problems, just a lack of solutions!

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  1. Another light that you can use for horror films is the LUXLI VIOLA. This versatile RGB LED can be used to light your creepy villain with a green hue. You can also use the “Conductor” app to simulate lightning or as Tom demonstrated in one his recent livestreams you can reproduce a fireplace effect.

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