CAME-TV Bi-Color LED Edge Light

Here is a review of a very impressive LED light from CAME-TV. What stands out about the CAME-TV C700S is the softness of the light that it produces.

CAME-TV called this light “Edge” because of its thinness. This is certainly a great feature to have when working in tight spaces.

The light runs on AC power and the industry-standard Sony batteries (NP-F or V-Mount), meaning you can easily use it in a studio, and also at a remote location.

Here is the video review

Besides the Bi-Color version that Tom reviewed, the light is also available as Daylight-balanced. Additionally, you can purchase these lights in sets of two or three.

Here’s where you can purchase these lights:

CAME-TV LED Edge Lights on BH Photo Video, eBay, CAME-TV website.

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