Professional underwater camera rig for less than $300

I love swimming and diving and I love shooting video while I do it. There are many great little action cameras for casual underwater shooting but I also needed something better than a GoPro.

Normally when I work on a big film production or music video an underwater camera rig costs a lot of money and takes lots of time to setup. Usually such rigs are so expensive and hard to maintain that it’s just better to rent. Well with today’s great selection of small cameras everyone can afford to own a great 4K video camera setup for shooting in and underwater. Obviously this type of a rig is also great when shooting not just underwater but anywhere water damage is possible, like shooting in the rain, on a boat etc. The whole setup costs less than $300 but obviously that doesn’t include the camera itself. The rig I am talking about includes the camera underwater housing from SeaFrogs which at the time of this post costs $256.99

Also for the housing you really need to get the anti fog inserts or else your lens will fog up as the camera heats up inside.

Also you will need a good snorkel mask so you can see what you are doing underwater. The one I show in this video is from Eonfine and it costs only $36.79 on amazon plus I got a discount code for you guys of 20% off which is QWSCUXO8

Another great diving mask I love using is this traditional design from Cressi for $34.99

Here is a video of my setup

Camera I recommend is Sony a6500 which you can get at both at Amazon and B&H Store with fast shipping. The reason why I recommend that camera is because of it’s amazing autofocus, which you will need to rely on underwater. It’s hard enough to swim and try to frame your shot alone, so forget about adjusting focus while you are underwater. Another reason why this camera is so great is because of the great kit lens it comes with which is the Sony 16-50mm. This covers pretty much the whole range you need while doing underwater shooting. This camera is also great in low light and when you go deep enough underwater or in murky water, there will not be a lot of light.

If you have some more cash to spend on extra accessories then I would recommend getting this grip for the cage.

Also this underwater light to help you get an even better exposure in those low light scenarios

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