BenQ SW2700PT monitor

Best video and photo editing monitor: here’s what I bought

Color grading is challenging enough, but it is much more so when you don’t have a professional monitor. There are many good monitors out there, but they cost thousands of dollars. I wasn’t quite prepared to spend that much money, though. It took a little bit of research, but I am happy to say that I’ve finally got myself a monitor that provides professional-level color accuracy (and many other great features) – all at a very reasonable cost.

I’ve been now using the BenQ 27″ monitor (model SW2700PT) for several months, and I’m still very happy with it.

Here is my video review of the BenQ SW2700PT 27″ Widescreen LED Backlit QHD Monitor

You can buy the BenQ SW2700PT LED monitor on BH Photo Video, eBay, Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, Newegg

5 thoughts on “Best video and photo editing monitor: here’s what I bought”

    1. Stay away from BenQ SW2700PT they are really bad monitors for any color grading work specially 3d lut and color accuracy It seem they were not exactly being truthful by describing their displays as having 3D LUT capability, and have been attempting to add this capability retrospectively. Unfortunately, so far it has so far proven impossible for them to add a viable working 3D LUT operation and accuracy. And yes you can use mini monitor we have them in our studio

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