Wireless LANC Controller

Here is a quick review of a wireless LANC controller, which allows you to control your camera remotely. It works with BlackMagic cameras (including URSA and URSA Mini) and any other camera that includes a grip arm with controls via the LANC connection.

Here is the video review

The controller is made by DigiPin 13, located in Croatia. You can buy it on the company’s website.

The model I reviewed is the WL1.

Here is an instructional video from DigiPin about how to connect the controller to BlackMagic cameras (but the controller works with any camera that uses LANC connection).

If you don’t have the budget for a wireless connection, then there is a cheaper solution – you can control your camera with an extension cable. This is what I usually do when I record myself for YouTube. With an extension cable, I can have the the URSA Mini side grip with me, but still be connected to the camera. Of course, this isn’t as convenient as a wireless connection.

Here is where you can get the cable I got for my set-up: Amazon,

Also, here are a couple of alternatives, on BH Photo Video and Adorama

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