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Sony FS7 Review After Real World Use

Last December B&H Photo Video let me borrow a couple of their cameras to test them out. I had a chance to use the Sony FS7 on a film I shot in Toronto with Clint D’Souza (who wrote and directed it). If you want a quick opinion on the camera, then I can simply say that I loved it!

There are lots of great things about it. To find out all the cool features, please watch the full video review below. The main thing I loved about the camera is the Cine_EI mode, which makes this camera operate like a true digital cinema camera.

The only things I didn’t like about the camera are its size and weight. Not that it’s the biggest camera out there, but if you know how I like to work, you know that I prefer small cameras.

However, I am in the market for another 4K camera (I already own the GH4) and I am itching to buy the Sony FS7. I am still holding off, though, but it’s not because of the size of the FS7. Rather, it’s because Sony has released a new camera, the FS5. I am actually testing the FS5 right now and I want to wait before I decide which camera to buy. But it will most likely be a pick between the Sony FS7 and the FS5.

Anyway, here is my full video review, together with a sample footage from the film I shot.

If you want to test for yourself the quality of the FS7 video, you can do that by color grading sample footage from the short film we shot with Clint (thank you for the clips, Clint). Here are the download links:

Clip 1 (1.4 GB), Clip 2 (685 MB), Clip 3 (949 MB), Clip 4 (853 MB), Clip 5 (417 MB).

If you are interested in getting the camera and / or any of the accessories I used, then B&H has a great selection. Check out the links below.

Sony FS7
Sony FS7

XQD Memory Cards


BP-U60 Lithium-Ion Battery


Amazon has a great deal on off-brand batteries for the Sony FS7

Lens Adapters

My favorite lens adapter with wireless focus and iris control

Smart Adapter for Canon EF or Canon EF-S Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount

A good inactive adapter from Vello – Canon EF/EF-S lens to Sony E-Mount lens adapter

The cheap inactive adapter I show in the video (Canon EF/EF-S to Sony E-Mount)

You can also find many Canon EF Lens to Sony E-Mount adapters on and Amazon.

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    1. I used the Mini Ursa 4K for a few months it’s a great camera but still a bit behind in low light and dynamic range capabilities. I am now waiting to get the 4.6K version so that I can test out that camera. It looks promising and so it might be my next investment.

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