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Love Like You – music video

I did a new music video for a talented Canadian singer/songwriter Christopher Charles. The song is titled “Love Like You”. I tried to create something different than what you normaly see in RnB videos. I wanted to create a feeling of recalling old memories that are a bit blury and hard to recall. Like trying to remeber an old love, where all you really see in your mind are those few glimpses of the person smiling/crying, looking at you.

Hopefuly I was sucessful 🙂 The video hits TV stations across North America at the end of August. Enjoy!


“Letter To Obama”

In June I wrapped up work as a DP on a new video Directed by Sharpshooter, for Joell Ortiz. A great concept and video… as is to be expected when Sharpshooter is involved. One bad thing, was the HOT weather we had that day. I barely moved around the whole day, but I think I must have lost 10 pounds just from sweating 🙂


“Music Is My Life”

Today is the official PREMIERE of new
MUSIC VIDEO “Music Is My Life”

Directed by ME.
Lyrics written and performed by
Chuckie A.
Song produced by Sosa of
Ball Park Figures.


I must say it’s been a blast hanging out with Chuckie and his friends in his neighborhood, and having a chance to meet all the different people who are featured in the video. I heard a lotta stories… I learned something new about Toronto… and I got hustled by some rather unpleasant Toronto cops. Either way I had fun.