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Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” – Ecuadorian style by Tom Antos

I have joined the Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” club!

As, I’m sure, most of you know, there is a giant collection of music videos from people from all over the world who just dance and show what it means to be happy – all done to the hit song “Happy”. Continue reading Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” – Ecuadorian style by Tom Antos

Love Like You – music video

I did a new music video for a talented Canadian singer/songwriter Christopher Charles. The song is titled “Love Like You”. I tried to create something different than what you normaly see in RnB videos. I wanted to create a feeling of recalling old memories that are a bit blury and hard to recall. Like trying to remeber an old love, where all you really see in your mind are those few glimpses of the person smiling/crying, looking at you.

Hopefuly I was sucessful 🙂 The video hits TV stations across North America at the end of August. Enjoy!


“Letter To Obama”

In June I wrapped up work as a DP on a new video Directed by Sharpshooter, for Joell Ortiz. A great concept and video… as is to be expected when Sharpshooter is involved. One bad thing, was the HOT weather we had that day. I barely moved around the whole day, but I think I must have lost 10 pounds just from sweating 🙂