This Isn't Who We Are music video

MV Premiere! “This Isn’t Who We Are” JReyez ft. Jordan Lorenzo

I shot two new music videos for J-Reyez in September of 2013. Here is the first one.

This video is for a song titled “This Isn’t Who We Are” and it features Jordan Lorenzo. It’s a sad and romantic song so we did it in a European setting with cobble stone streets. I think that gives the video the right kind of look. Setting the low key mood right off the bat. Also the color correction on these shots is subtle and very de-saturated. Making the images look more like an old faded photograph, that’s void of any contrast. I will follow up soon with a tutorial on this video. For now you can watch the video below.

3 thoughts on “MV Premiere! “This Isn’t Who We Are” JReyez ft. Jordan Lorenzo”

  1. Nice stuff awesome production is looking really well

    I wish to see BTS from it .. how did you plan this all storyboard ..
    what gear did you used and how what color balance did you choose and recording setting how did you manage recording sound simply asking because sound is amazing !
    how did you scout location what lighting have you used
    what was steps and how did you did post production and color grading what software was easy to finish projects
    How did you managed to stay in budget if was any what type licence did you do for it

    Just curiosity and few question/ wonders and thoughts 🙂

    Regards CB

  2. Hi Tom
    i follow you since a days and sorry my english is not perfect but i want to know something about this Video.
    First: What is the application that you used for this ?
    2nd: the effect at this time 0:24 to 0:28 how you did it?
    sorry for my english
    hope you will answer

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