Aputure Light Storm – High CRI LED Light

Previously, I reviewed a couple of great field monitors from Aputure. Today, I am going to talk about the Light Storm – a high-CRI LED light from this company.

You can get the light at:

Also on B&H Photo Video Store

To learn more about the Aputure Light Storm LED panels, visit the company’s website at www.aputure.com

Main Features
1. The world’s top CRI 98
2. Small and slim, the half size of LS 1
3. SMD lamp beads bigger beam angle and long lifespan
4. Tough and professional aero-aluminum
5. Super quiet heat dissipation
6. Exceptional light efficiency experience
7. Unique light-control separation design
8. Dual power solutions
9. Tri-way control makes changing lighting setups easier
10. User-friendly accessories (U-frame, barn door, hook, diffusing paper, clamp)

3 thoughts on “Aputure Light Storm – High CRI LED Light”

  1. Hi Tom! I have highly appreciated your advice and reviews over the years. Thank you for doing what you do.

    How does this unit compare to the Came-TV panels you reviewed last January in terms of quality of light and light output? Other than the bi-color feature, are they in the same class? Or would you perhaps recommend one over the other? Thanks for any direction you can give.


    1. The color rendering is slightly better than the came-tv panels, but it’s not a big difference… both are great. This one is built a lot better and stronger plus it’s lighter.

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