Color Correction For War Film Look

Often, I get asked what presets I use to give my films their final look. I always answer “I don’t use presets. I adjust the colors of each shot individually by hand”. Most of the time people don’t believe me. I guess, they don’t want to believe me because they are looking for a simple solution. Sure it would be nice to have a one button or a preset that would make videos look like a film.

I’ve already done a few color correction tutorials where I show how I achieve the look in my films. Here is another example of how I do color correction using my last film “NWO United We Stand”.

Tutorial 46: Color-grading War Films (Part I)

Tutorial 46: Color-grading War Films (Part II)

Next week I’m going to show you guys how I filmed the action scenes in this film. So come back!
UPDATE: you can see this now in Tutorial 48 at this post.

In case you haven’t yet seen my last film “NWO United We Stand”, here it is.

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