NWO United We Stand short film

“NWO United We Stand” film + BTS + Tutorial

Today is one of those really exciting days for me because I get to share my latest short film with you. I am also posting two tutorials: the behind-the-scenes Tutorial 44 and “How To Film War Action Scenes” Tutorial 48. I posted the trailer for it back in March under the title “Aide the Enemy”. The VFX had taken longer than anticipated, but now I’m really happy with the final product. So here it is. As always, let me know what you think.

“NWO United We Stand” short film

Thanks to all those who worked on the film – especially Christopher Charles for the amazing music and Andre “Wolf” Critchlow and all the guys who put up with the freezing and windy weather during filmming. The winter setting gives the film a nice look, although it made it for a rough shoot. So again, thanks!

Tutorial 44 – Behind-the-scenes of “NWO United We Stand”

Tutorial 48: How To Film War Action Scenes

Tutorial 52: Movie Prop Guns

I also have a two-part color correction tutorial based on this short. You can check it out at this post.

Color Grading War Films: PART 1

Color Grading War Films: PART 2

Here is some more info about the making of this film.

Film Description

What would it take to unite the entire world? It’s a famous question that Ronald Reagan posed in the middle of the Cold War.

It is 2018 and Earth is under attack from an alien force. Nuclear weapons devastate several developing countries. Weaker governments look to the United States to take on the world’s military leadership. Soon even Russia and other powers consider joining the alliance. In humanity’s direst moments, the dream of a united world seems to be finally coming true.

But throughout human history, man has often been his worst enemy. And history likes to repeat itself.

U.S. Special Forces:
Andre “Wolf” Critchlow
Garett Roy
Bart Glanas
Bilal Popp

U.S. Commander:
Jeff Sinasac

Yung Lee

News Anchor:
Diana Schoutsen

Katsper Piatkowski
Daniel Murrell
Jacek Krzyzak
Jeff Mitch
Lukasz Antos
Tom Antos
Gregory Karp


Directed, Written & Shot by
Tom Antos

Suyanthan Jeganathan

stunt co-ordinator
Yung Lee

Lukasz Antos
Tom Antos

Tom Antos

Christopher Charles

visual effects
Tom Antos

sound editing and mixing
Tom Antos

Ecuador Unit Director
Danny Rubio see his YouTube channel

special thanks to
Brennon DeSouza
Patrick Karp
James Ahn
Tonya Dodds

filmed at the
“Soldier of Fortune” paintball field
in Ontario, Canada

copyright 2013
TLA Productions

81 thoughts on ““NWO United We Stand” film + BTS + Tutorial”

      1. Hie Tom

        I loved the film, that is exceptional. However i am working on a war full length film film, how can i connect with you so that we work together on this one? Thank you for reverting back to me.


  1. I really like the film very good job on it. One question, how did you do the tracers rounds in the film?

    1. Thanks! The tracer rounds were done in After Effects. I will post a tutorial on that and other aspects of the film later on.

      1. Yeah well probably but maybe the film is not as clear as you think. Try seeing it through the eyes of someone who only has the info in the film to go on.

      2. An incredible movie, very, very well done!! I love the black and white aspect of it, the great “just not visible” violence.bloodshed, of which we get too much in the mass entertainment movies.

        The actors are good and the stunt work was well done!

        But I have to agree, that the identity of the alien pilot could be a bit more explicitly emphasized.

        If you could edit an additional shot of a nuclear attack by a “cloaked – uncloaked” airship with a background broadcast about alien ships attacking countries requesting the Empire for help, it would also for me have made the point more obvious.

        I think that by living this movie for a long time you guys have indeed a more focused view of the story line than some of us as first time viewers.

        Having said all that, I think you guys did an incredibly professional job and made a movie worth expanding into something full feature.I liked the way it was set up and how the switches between an aerial view and ground view and between present and past were made!

        For raising money, think about the kid with his pixel advertising. A million people bought a one pixel ad for one dollar from him making him a millionaire in a couple of days.

        Send a buck get a free download of the movie, send 5 bucks get a free HD download with a behind the scenes feature download, send 10 bucks, etc etc etc

        Just thinking out loud! I used to do design work and would have loved to create a poster for you guys, but now I am out of touch with the newer design programs, (still play with Corel 12), this movie certainly got my juices flowing!!

        Great movie and GREAT theme as well!

      3. Would like to see the who;e thing once it is done and YES most of us got it the first time. WELL DONE !!!!!

    1. The special forces team are on their way to intercept the pilot of a downed alien fighter. When they reach the crash site, they notice that the pilot looks Asian, but is wearing the Stars and Stripes on his uniform making him an American pilot.

      The special forces leader realises that everyone is being misled by the American leadership in an effort to bring the world together under one government. A New World Order. There is no alien invasion.

  2. Looks very professional to Me. You have Me wondering what’s going to happen next. I will have to buy this 1 , and watch it. Will it be for sale Tom?

    1. Right now the film is only 10 min long. I would love to make a feature film out of it or a web series and give it away for free on the internet. But that all depends if someone is willing to donate so we can pay the cast and crew since it would be a lot of work for many months.

      1. Tom
        Have you considered using something like kickstarter to raise funds. Maybe offer incentives like replica weapons after shoot or uniforms for those who donate lager amounts and posters etc. for smaller amounts.

      2. Great Film!! Funding example…

        The idea to Film “Iron Sky” from the UK gained worldwide Internet attention and it’s funding from it’s internet fan base! As an example consider their model and it’s success……from ground zero to a second full feature production…..their traction from film trailer to fan funding, participation and production evolution to a second full feature film.


      3. Tom,

        I like what you’ve done so far and would encourage you to make a series out of it…I would watch it!

  3. The duality of the film says it all. Well thought out and a very good production. Hope to see more of your films in the future.

  4. This film was great !!!! Don’t have much to donate but would be willing to give my time for a full production. I believe this would be a great movie.

  5. I like it. Very technically savvy.
    Obviously some production costs.
    Were the guns replicas?
    Especially the drones.

    I have a friend in L.A. that has a Red. I made him a floating harness. It’s on my timeline

  6. Great film and realistic story. The ultimate false flag. I have always said: nukes leave no evidence. Are you looking for a new good story line? I may have one for you.

  7. The impression you give in the description is doom and gloom, but looks like to me the beginning of the end for NWO. 🙂

  8. hello tom i just saw the “NWO United We Stand” film awesome work i want know how much money you spent on making this film and i am waiting for behind the scene of this film

    1. I did the film for $0 money… everything was donated. Actually I lied… I did pay for the actors food while filming. All the props, locations, etc were borrowed or donated.

  9. This was very well done. I was not expecting the ending – t’s great when you can keep the audience guessing.

    Two questions: Roughly how much did this cost to put together? Do you prefer working on smaller projects or ones with bigger budgets?

    Great work, and I hope we get to see more from you soon.

    1. Thanks Iva! The film cost me almost nothing since everyone came out for free to help out, I borrowed the props, and got the locations for free etc. Just had to feed the actors 🙂
      I love working on all kinds of projects just depends if there’s something in the idea that excites me. I’d love to do this film as a full feature film or a series if only someone would pay for the production.

  10. I found out about you from infowars. What an awesome short! Everyone should see this I hope it goes viral! I’d like to know more about what inspired you to write this script?

    1. I notced a few videos on YouTube with Regan talking about aliens and I thought to myself how could I use this in a film… then I came across a forum where people were talking about different conspiracies and they mentioned one possible alien conspiracy and how aliens are not real but that the whole UFO phenomenon is invented by some in power to get the world ready for this event. Then I just had to write a script that would make for an entertaining film.

  11. Saw this on Infowars. I’ve never been to your site before or seen your work but did appreciate it! Keep it up!

  12. So the aliens are really americans who are using new invented technology to convince the world to unite under common defense?

  13. Wondeful movie…
    Horrible future…
    Wake up America, wake up Europe, our future should be in our hands, not in crazy de-humanized maniacs hands…

  14. I can see a certain powerful Nation creating a nuclear attack on another country (False Flag)…and using the Alien invasion card to there advantage ..I can say this, I believe your movie will play out…but with a few different twist do to the power that be pulling the strings.. Good work I look forward to seeing more of your work..THUMBS UP!

  15. Wow… What an exception short! Like everyone else, I would love to see the film completed and to a full length production. I can see this being several in a series. Love your work, talent, and storytelling abilities. Your efforts to produce this are hugely admired and appreciated. Well done!

    Keep going… The world wants more!

    Best Wishes
    Jerry & Kathy Wills
    executive producers
    Xpeditions TV

  16. Very well done! With the strict time constraints, you cant help but to be very vague. Also they would NEVER call it the NWO, too over the top. Excellent job though!

  17. I was very impressed with the effects you created. How did you go about doing that? And if you do make it into a feature length film, I want to be a part of it!!

  18. Great short, Tom! Like one of the guys said earlier, you should try kickstarter for raising funds. What you can do is set a modest goal of $50k and most of the times depending on how much love your project gets, you can easily surpass your goal. If your budget is a big one (100k), then you can do one campaign for principle photography and another for POST.

    Also, I’m a Muslim and a student of Islamic eschatology (end of times), I know A LOT about what’s happening now and what eventual will happen according to the prophecies of the Prophet Mohammad. I’ll give you a freebie, the NWO will peak with the arrival of the Antichrist as we all now by know. The Antichrist is JEWISH!

    Think about it, the Jews refused JC (Jesus Christ) as their Messiah, they are still waiting for one, and they are (re) building the temple in anticipation of their Messiah. If we put one and one together it is clear that their outstanding Messiah will be the Antichrist and known to Muslims as the Dajjal.


    Feel free to contact me if you want to learn more.

  19. An AMAZING visual, straight forward, in your face concept that draws you in immediately. Your heart and dedication is MUCH appreciated in this work of art. The false flag of the story is what gets me. You don’t feed it to the viewer, you make them realize what had truly happened on their own. I look forward to more. God speed.


  20. lik your film and the storyline but can u do alit tutorial on hw you color grade this short film and also the picture profile use on the dslr

  21. You have a type-O on your film:

    U.S. Commader
    Jeff Sinasac

    You are missing the letter “n” in commander.

    1. I know 🙂 There’s a few other mistakes in there too… that’s what happens when you suddenly have to release the film and there’s nobody helping me. But thanks!

  22. The 9/11 footage was a little too much and seems forced and unnecessary.

    Everything else fit right into place. The creepy Raegan speech. The backwards American Flag. I really though it was aliens. The potential drama of these soldiers protecting and questioning the pilot. Them defecting to the anti-globalist fighters. You deserve to get the big hollywood bucks to make a feature film or a kick-ass show on AMC.

  23. This was AMAZING, I really mean it: AMAZING. Great acting too. I can’t believe you did it so professionally on no real budget! The ending was the best (only downside was it was very vague and a lot of people didn’t understand the ending). I hope you can make this into a full film. You should try looking for places to get donations in order to help create this film. I for one sure know I would help donate if I knew this was going to be made into a film.

  24. How are you going to end the film? Pro NWO you will probably get donations from the Globalists and continue your career as a propagandist helping to dissolve this country, or choose a direction that shows your patriotism, and your love for everything good in this country, by exposing the NWO facades and unreal unity that will be achieved if different nations become a new world order, which of course will not get you as much donations but perhaps you will have a better conscious knowing you didn’t sell out to the banking elite. Many of us hope you will use your talent to promote good rather than evil.

    Thank you.

  25. Great film, story, and combat illustration Tom Antos! The New World order has had plans for many years to stage a fake alien attack to unite the world under the Satanic NWO/UN. They want to execute the resistance, destroy our God given constitutional rights, and enslave us all. The rebels need training better training from the militia. Rebels remember always fire and maneuver, flank the enemy with 2 elements at 90 degrees to catch the enemy in a cross fire.

  26. better than anyone could imagine. well done, what I imagine to be the plan, but before 2018. thank you.

  27. Tom Anthos, after seeing all of the films in the Alex Jones Operation Paul Revere Contest I know that you should have won the $100,000 prize for having the best film. Everything about it was excellent. Your cinematography and special effects was better than most Hollywood movies that I have seen. I love the drone, the battle in the snow, and the combat action. The news cast scenes and nuke scenes were excellent to. The actual unite against the Aliens speech by Ronald Regan was fantastic. The 9/11 footage was quite appropriate since it has been proven that the 9/11/2001 attack on the World Trade Center was a false flag operation by the New World Order to force the US into war in the middle east. We always watch your “NWO United We Stand” film at our monthly militia training exercises on my lap top and everyone loves it.

  28. Is it me or is there a whole lot more people talking about the NWO these days than even a few years ago? I remember I used to feel alone, now it seems like the NWO comes up in random conversations everywhere I go. Thanks for your work!

    1. Thanks Mike! Always happy to see this film find a new audience and hopefully it makes people think and talk.

  29. I don’t know if i will get a response, but i like your Film & the Actor’s where good, the video editing was Amazing that’s my most concern, i want to know which software are using to eding the gun fight point?. Cause i like the effect. Please response to me please. This is my Email.

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