Tom interviewed by 4K Shooters

Ogy Stoilov from 4K Shooters conducted an interview with Tom Antos. The guys discussed many aspects of filmmaking – not only the technical ones, but also the creative side. Tom describes his daily life as a filmmaker. He reflects on some of his earliest projects as well as talks about what exciting projects he’ll tackle in 2015 (hint: feature film “Red Spring”).

Tom also offers an interesting perspective on the current quality of 3-axis camera gimbals and their usefulness on production shoots. Also, he discusses the 4K (and 8K) technology from the perspective of the consumer and the filmmaker.

In his final thoughts (starting at 01:10:52), Tom talks about how he learned cinematography and what he thinks is the best way of learning it.

You can hear the entire interview at 4K Shooters.

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