LED Fresnel Lights

Today I will test out new breed of lights hitting the market.

These lights are revolutionary because they are Fresnel lights yet they don’t use a lot of power or generate a lot of heat and it’s all thanks to the latest LED technology. I got these lights from www.came-tv.com

You can also buy these lights and other CAME-TV products on their eBay store or Amazon store.

I am testing out two models of the lights which are the 100 watt version and the 200 watt version.

So far I am very impressed by these lights. The build quality is great. They are powerful yet using 1/10th of the power of standard tungsten lights. They are daylight balanced which makes them easier to use along side other LED or florescent lights. They don’t generate so much heat that they are dangerous to use or hard to handle.

Like I said in the video review, once I get a chance to test these lights out in a real production and also test out the range of the remote I will post an update below here. For now that’s it!

One thought on “LED Fresnel Lights”

  1. Tom,
    any new feedback about these lights, I am shoping around and would love to hear more details about these lights. I’m hoping you had a chance to use them in a production environment and have some new info you want to share with us.

    two things:
    1) how bad is the noise from the fan, is a shotgun mic 6 ft away will pick it up ?
    2) and just as important, how’s the quality of the light from these lights. Are there any spikes on a spectrograph. Many LED lights suffer from that. I would hope that at $1300 a light CAME-TV have addressed that issue.

    let us know how’s your experience with them over a days worth of work on a set.


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