CineDrone – Project Update #2

CINEDRONE PARTS Hi guys! Here’s a quick update to everyone who pledged to the CineDrone project.

The first tutorials are coming this week for sure! Also I’m busy putting together all the custom built CineDrones. I can’t however finish building any of them yet, since I don’t have one key part that extends the power from the quad to the camera gimbal and the video transmitter. Should get that shipped soon from China.

Also I forgot that I’m waiting on the cases for those of you who ordered the Deluxe version with the travel case.

Here is another update (OCTOBER 15, 2013). All the main electronics in the CineDrones have been installed. Still need to solder in wires for the power out of the quads to the video transmitter and the gimbal, plus setup up all the wireless video systems. This is how the CineDrones look right now… my basement holds a little “flying fleet” 🙂


Latest update (OCTOBER 27, 2013). All I have to do is test out each CineDrones and if all is working I can send it to you. Unfortunately do to my crazy schedule I might not be able to test out all of the CineDrone and ship them out this week. After November 1st I am gone to Ecuador and won’t be able to ship out the CineDrone until I come back to the USA on November 16th. I am now emailing everyone who ordered the CineDrone in the order that the pledges were made. If I get the payment for the shipping before November 1st then I will mail it out to you this week. If I don’t then I will send it out after November 16th. Sorry guys, I know it’s all delayed but I completely underestimated how much work building these will be. So I am trying to be as fair and fast by shipping the CineDrones out in the same order that each pledge was made.

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  1. The dji phantom 2 quadcopter is one hell of a title but then this is one hell of a machine, note machine NOT toy. It is, however, a machine with built-in fun. My experience is somewhat limited but I belong to a small group and what I am learning from them is amazing. I have… Read More

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