Wacom One Creative Pen Display

Is Wacom One Creative Pen Display Overpriced?

The Wacom One is Wacom’s entry level pen display. In this review I draw on it and test it out. Wacom does make compromises to keep the price down, although this is still the most expensive entry level pen display in this size format.

Wacom One Creative Pen Display is available here:
B&H ➡ https://bhpho.to/46lvuGk
Amazon ➡ https://amzn.to/46fLGsM
Amazon Canada ➡ https://amzn.to/3Zxsd4Q
Amazon UK ➡ https://amzn.to/3Zwu5uu
Amazon Germany ➡ https://amzn.to/3RyKc8N
Adorama ➡ https://adorama.rfvk.net/R5LKKR

This pen display has a screen that’s 13.3 inches in size diagonally. It is a full 1920 by 1080p resolution. It covers 72% of the NTSC color space and has wide 170° viewing angles

It does not come with a stand but it has built in foldable legs which work great. The legs don’t allow you to adjust the angle but the angle that they set the display at worked well for me.

The included pen is battery free and has 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity with 60° of tilt support and one customizable button.

There is a simple pen holder on top of the display. I actually like this better over the separate pen stands as it allows me to put the pen there and then when I travel with this display I know that the pen is always attached to it. There is also a single cable connection on top of the display which makes the whole setup look and feel cleaner.

The cable that is included is a USB-C type on one side and the other side that plugs to a laptop it splits into an HDMI plug, a USB type A connection for data and power transfer. Plus an extra USB connection just for power which pairs with the included AC adapter in case your computer doesn’t provide power over USB.

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  • Built in pen attachment
  • Single cable for data, power  and video connections
  • Built in legs


  • No customizable buttons on the side
  • Slight Parallax

Drawing on the Wacom One Pen Display is overall great but pricey. The pen is responsive. No issue with lag. The pen is also accurate if you are looking at the screen directly, however when viewing at a slight angle there is some parallax. This didn’t seem to be an issue with me since I used the built in legs to angle the screen directly towards me.

The display quality is overall good. It’s not the best colors but it is very sharp, also with the screen being 13.3 inches across it’s just small enough where it’s good to travel with yet also large enough to be able to comfortably navigate menus or read text. The whole display is nice and thin and very light so its great for portability. The only thing that is disappointing is the fact that at this price point Wacom doesn’t include any customizable buttons.

Also there are no extra accessories that competing brands at lower prices include. Wacom does include a free software package, but after installing it I quickly found out these are mostly just free trials that expire after a few months and then force you to pay a monthly fee. So I wouldn’t really call this free software but more of a time limited sample.

I think Wacom, being a leader in drawing tablets and pen displays for over 40 years, decided to release an average product for a higher price than other brands and are simply hoping that their brand name would make people fork out the extra cash. Maybe that strategy is working? Definitely their larger displays are great but those also come at a premium price point. Of course these days with more choices from competing brands and many at a much cheaper price, I wonder if Wacom didn’t just over priced this pen display. If you are a Wacom fan and don’t mind paying premium then this display will do what you need it to do, however if you are looking for the best bang for the buck I would advise looking at the competition. I have other videos where I review similar size pen displays from other brands that might help you make the right choice. To see those go check out my website at tomantosfilms.com or browse here through my video library.

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