Sirui 35mm Anamorphic F1.8 Lens

Sirui just released their latest lens. I got an early access to it and loved filming with it.

This new lens is great on it’s own but it is even better when paired with the previous anamoprhic lens from Sirui which has the focal length of 50mm. This new lens allows you to get those wider angle shots but still retaining a true anamorphic look and feel. It also matches almost perfectly the 50mm version. The new lens also has an almost identical build to the 50mm version. It is a bit longer and heavier but not much of a difference. It is still small and light. The 35mm lens has a 1.33X squeeze and aperture of F1.8

You can order your 35mm Sirui Anamorphic Lens right now on B&H Photo and Video. Plus it’s available on Amazon, eBay and Adorama.

You can also get the 50mm Anamorphic Lens from Sirui on B&H Photo Video. Plus you can find it on Amazon, eBay and Adorama.

If Sirui keeps on developing more of these affordable anamorphic lenses then soon we will all be able to own a complete set of anamorphic lenses. That of course would make anamorphic shooting possible in a lot of other projects that before couldn’t even dream of such a feat. So am I happy with the lenses from Sirui? You bet! I can’t wait till they come up with their next lenses. Maybe a telephoto version? I can dream!

Hope you guys like the examples I filmed with the new 35mm F1.8 lens from Sirui. Let me know what you think of this lens in the comments.

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