4K HDR Wireless Video

The future of wireless video is here. It’s in 4K at 60p, zero delay, uncompressedĀ 10-bit, 4:2:2 color.

I’ve had a chance to use the latest wireless product from Teradek which is called the Bolt 4K. I used the 1500 series which gives you up to 1500 feetĀ of distance in open line of sight. There is also Bolt 4K Max which goes up to 5000 feet. Right now if you are looking into getting 4K broadcast quality wireless video system that is zero delay then Teradek is the only option. I am sure with time others will enter the market with similar kits but who knows when that will be. Check out my full review below.

What’s my overall impressions so far with the Bolt 4K?

I like:
-The app that makes pairing and setup easy
-Built in pass through battery plates
-Video quality in 4K and lower resolutions is greatly improved
-Zero delay works great!

Things I don’t like:
-Range is cut down significantly without open line of sight
-Cost is still high as it’s the only 4K option in the market
-The app right now is only for iOS. Android coming soon but not sure when.

Get the Bolt 4K here:
B&H https://bhpho.to/2WKq4SO
Amazon https://amzn.to/2oRkjpW
Adorama https://adorama.rfvk.net/QgEb3
eBay https://ebay.to/2PIPZJ8
Teradek http://tdek.co/tom-antos-bolt-4k

Overall I am happy with the Bolt 4K and can recommend it if you are in broadcast and need the absolute best quality. Even if you are not broadcasting in 4K yet you will still see quality improvement in lower resolutions. If you need wireless zero delay 4K system that is broadcast quality then this is your only option right now. It’s going to cost you premium but will deliver.

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The opinions expressed in this video were not influenced by any outside individual or company. I use and test lots of products that are sent to me or that I buy myself. In the end, I only talk about the products that I find interesting. This video production is paid for by Teradek but as you can see I honestly show what I like and dislike about this product.

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