$1000 OFF the Canon C200 and C300

It’s not that often that I wake up to see a huge discount on a camera I like. Today is one of those days.

Just in time for 4th of July celebrations, B&H or maybe be Canon (don’t know exactly who) is offering up this sweet deal on the Canon C200 and C300 Mark 2 camera packages. All of them are $1000 dollars off their original price. If you were thinking before of getting any of these cameras then now is the time. I like both cameras although I never had the time to use the Canon C300 on a project. The C200 I did use before and it’s an amazing little camera. It’s so little you can fly it on almost any gimbal. Also it’s got amazing auto focus system with touch to focus. Something that even the C300 mark 2 doesn’t have. On top of that C200 offers a great 8bit mp4 codec plus a fully featured Canon RAW codec for pro applications. Not to mention that both cameras have the renowned Canon color science.

You can find the Canon discount by clicking HERE.

B&H Photo Video & Audio store is also offering up a lot of other big discounts for the 4th of July. So if you’re not a fan of Canon then make sure you check out those other deals.

In case you missed my video where I show how I used the Canon C200 on a fun little project then here it is.

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