World’s Smallest Wireless Microphone!

I found the smallest and easiest to use wireless lavalier microphone kit and it’s not from Rode.

This new wireless mic system is called PicoGear. It consists of two tiny clip-on digital microphones that have 24-bits / 48kHz audio sampling. Also the kit has one receiver that connects to the two microphones. The receiver also has a magnetic cradle where you can dock the two microphones when you are not recording or if you want to charge the mics and the receiver. To charge all the parts you just need to plug in 1 USB cable that is supplied. The system has a 20 hour battery life and 150 meter range in open line of sight which is almost 500 feet. In my tests it works up to 500 feet but it’s not the best. For reliable signal I would say stay with in 200 feet. The kit also has a 3.5mm TRRS audio cable that will work with cell phones, computers, audio recorders and video cameras. That is because the system can be switched between TRRS and TRS. Watch my video below to see how this system performs.

You can find the PicoGear Dual Wireless Microphone System on Amazon

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  1. While the range did seem to be quite good, the audio quality of the mics seem to be somewhat poor. Your voice seems to be a bit muffled and not very bright sounding.

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