Hollyland COSMO 400 Wireless System

Today I will compare the Teradek Bolt 500 to a new wireless system from Hollyland.

I am doing this test because the Hollyland COSMO 400 offers all the pro features and an advertised range of 400 feet (or 122 meters) at a price of $1599 which is significantly lower then the very similar Teradek Bolt 500 which costs $2,290. I figured if I can get the same performance for almost $600 cheaper than it might be worth comparing these two systems.

Here is a video with my tests.

Aside from the performance I actually like some of the features of the COSMO 400 better than the Teradek. Biggest advantage is that the COSMO has built in Sony NPF style battery plates while the Teradek Bolt 500 requires you to power it via a lemo to D-Tap cable and an external battery. On top of that the Teradek doesn’t provide all the necessary cables while the the COSMO has everything you need plus mounting arms and a hard-shell protective case.

You can buy the Hollyland COSMO 400 right now on B&H Photo Video Store, eBay, Adorama and also on Amazon.com

You can also get the Teradek Bolt 500 on B&H Photo Video Store, Adorama, eBay and on Amazon.com

I have previously reviewed another wireless video system from Hollyland and compared it to others. That was the Hollyland COSMO 2000 and you can see the review of that HERE.

One thought on “Hollyland COSMO 400 Wireless System”

  1. Hi Tom! I’m very interested in the HOLLYLAND COSMO 400 device. However, I have read over there that is free, without licenses, but I would like to know too if it’s compatible with DFS frecuencies. I live in Spain and I think that if device is not compatible with DFS frecuencies would be illegal to use it.

    Thanks in advance. Any info about that will be great.

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