United Filmmakers Project – Episode 1

Join me behind the scenes as we make an indie film. I’ll show you everything that happens on a typical low budget film production.

Watch episode 1 of the United Filmmakers Project as we go behind the scenes of the behind the scenes of a film set. It’s like the inception of filmmaking!

This project came about after I decided to devote some of my free time in between paying projects to help other beginner filmmakers create their films. I offer to bring my expertise and gear if you have a production arranged. You must have a script/idea ready. You must also have the means to cover the cost of the locations, props, costumes, actors and food for cast and crew. Above all you must have an original idea for a video you want to produce. If you don’t know how to get great looking cinematography. Or if you dont have a camera and lights to get nice looking shots then don’t worry. That’s what I will help you with. If you want I can even arrange for an audio guy. HERE is a detailed list of the gear I used on this project.

If you want Filmmakers United Project to come help with your film, music video or documentary production then contact me with your project info.

You can watch episode 2 HERE.

Here is the finished film.

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