Tips and Advice on using Drones for Video

Seems like these days everyone including your grandma is flying drones. Also everyone is either taking videos or photos with it. Not everyone is able to capture good looking images with it. Here’s my couple of cents on the matter.

In my latest video you will see me flying my new favorite drone, which is the tiny DJI Mavic Air. I got this drone mainly because it’s small and easy to travel with yet it also able to capture great quality 4K video at 100Mbps. In fact all the aerial shots in my video above where capture with this little drone. All except the shots with the boat. Those were actually filmed on the older DJI Phantom 4.

You can get the DJI Mavic Air on B&H, Adorama, Henry’s, eBay, Amazon

Here is the collapsible reflector I use which you can find on B&H Photo & Video website. You can find similar reflectors on Amazon and eBay.

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  1. Hi Tom, just wish to say thanks a million for the best Drone “how best to use” ever. The tips are spot on…based on real experience…& that’s what counts..again, grateful to your sharing & posting..cheers, Sal

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