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Big drop of Red camera prices

Those looking to buy a Red camera, listen up. Red has lowered their prices. Considerably.

The drop in prices also comes a simplification of the camera line-up. Now there are three Red cameras to choose from, all with the same brain: the DSMC2 (the Weapon board).

    Here are the new prices of the Red cameras:

  • DSMC2 Monstro $54,500
  • DSMC2 Helium $24,500
  • DSMC2 Gemini $19,500

Those of you who recently ordered a Red camera, but have not received it yet – you should be getting a free upgrade to the DSMC2, if you picked a cheaper brain.

A side-effect of the lower prices of new Red cameras is that the prices for used Red cameras are coming down too. I’ve seen deals in the $5K-$10K range. I even saw the Red One for $1.5K.

Here are the places where I’ve seen good deals on used Red cameras (of course, these deals come and go):

Red cameras on Red User forum, eBay, Adorama

B&H doesn’t offer used Red cameras, but they now sell new ones in their Red Digital Cinema store.

So, if you’ve been looking to get into the Red camera ecosystem, it’s now easier than ever.

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