DJI Fly Drive – Expectations vs Reality

I got to test out the DJI Fly Drive. I got excited when I heard it had a built in microSD card slot and USB 3.0 Type-C cable, but was my expectation anywhere close to the reality?

So I guess I assumed a few things about this drive, even though DJI or the manufacturer which is Seagate, didn’t promise any of those things. In fact there was no detailed specs released about this drive anywhere. Not even on the DJI website. In the end I looked at the drive and I assumed since it has a built in UHS-II microSD Card Slot that it means I can pop my micro SD card while I am on location into this drive and it will automatically make a copy of the footage onto the drive. Well turns out it doesn’t do that. This is in fact just a regular card reader. It just so happens to be built into the drive. To use this card reader you still have to connect the drive to your computer and manually copy the files.

The other thing that excited me about this drive was the mention of the Type-C Interface. Again I assumed it meant it was a freaking fast drive. Something like thunderbolt. Then the reality set in. It’s nothing special. It’s not bad, just nothing worth writing home about. Regular speeds of around 130MB/s. Check my video for more detailed benchmark results.

So in the end I have to say that DJI and Seagate were clever in how they marketed this drive and also in how very little info they provided. This resulted in me and I’m guessing many others assuming this is not your average portable drive. In reality it is very average.

You can get this drive right now on the B&H website by clicking HERE.

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