Composing Music For Film Using Filmstro

How To Compose Music For Your Next Film: Good Taste Is All The Talent You Need

Clearly, music is a key element of storytelling in films. However, few indie productions have the budget to score (and record) an original soundtrack. Licensing existing music is a cheaper, but less flexible option – it is usually hard to match it to the edit. Fortunately, technology brings new options.

I can’t compose music myself, and I could not afford to hire someone for my short “Legend Of The Bar”. Still, I ended up with a great score. Here’s how I did it.

So, I scored the film using Filmstro.

Since releasing my short film, Filmstro reached out to me and offered a 20% discount on the annual subscription using code: TOMANTOS18_ANN

I also use Artlist for music. You can get two free months if you go here.

By the way, this video tutorial was sponsored by Rocket Rooster.

If you have not seen “Legend Of The Bar”, you can watch it below

And here you can see the other tutorials and making-of videos based on this short.

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