Easy way to fix bad weather in your shots | Sky Replacement Tutorial

Nothing worse then showing up to do your video or film and turns out that you get bad weather.

That’s what happen to us when we were filming a music video. We rented a nice car and got the actors but mother nature didn’t want to co-operate. It was raining on and off. Still we decided to film in between the rain and pretend like it’s the nicest day ever. I was hoping that in editing alone we could hide this hideous weather. Turns out that sometimes you need to do a little bit more to help brighten up the mood in the video. Thanks to a few tweaks and a quick sky replacement I did in Adobe After Effects it looks like we had the best day every!

Check out the full tutorial here:

I will also post the finished full music video here once it premieres online.

For the video we used the Sony a6300 camera which you can get on B&H and also on Amazon.

I also get the aerial shots in the music video on the DJI Phantom 4 which you can also find on B&H and Amazon.

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