Damn good discounts on lighting gear! Save $1K and more on Digital Sputnik and Joker kits

I just noticed that B&H has a whole bunch of deals on studio lights, including gear used on big budget Hollywood productions.

The Digital Sputniks are amazing lights that are quickly becoming the industry standard. They have a durable build, and they give artists complete control over the color of the light – without needing to use gels. Besides fully controlling the color hue and saturation, you can also animate the lights to create cool lighting effects, such as simulating fire.

The Jokers are – simply put – industry standard because they always get the job done. They are used by cinematographers such as Shane Hurlbut, because they work great both on theater stages and on film sets. They are tough and reliable.

You can see all the deals on these and other lights on B&GH website here.

Please note that these deals end on Nov. 14, 2017, i.e. tomorrow.

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