Save $1K on the Sony FS5

I’ve shot several projects on the Sony FS5, including the short film “Lights”, which you can see below. To put it simply, it is a very good camera.

I still have not done a full review of the FS5, but here is a post where I talk about my experience of using the FS5 on film and video projects.

If you’ve been thinking about getting the Sony FS5, you can take an advantage of a $1,000 discount until July 31, 2017. Please check out the BH Photo Video links below.

Sony PXW-FS5 XDCAM Camera on BH Photo Video
Sony PXW-FS5 XDCAM Camera and Zoom Lens on BH Photo Video

If you are wondering how the FS5 compares to the FS7, URSA Mini 4.6K and other top cinema cameras, please check out the thorough tests done by Gear Jones.

One thought on “Save $1K on the Sony FS5”

  1. Hi Tom, I love your site and YouTube channel! It has been a valuable resource to me over the last few years and I enjoy watching your films, tutorials and reviews. Thank you for making all of your great content available.

    I have a question about the Sony FS5 that I’m hoping you can provide some advice on:

    I shoot mostly corporate/small business/interview pieces, occasional events, and my own personal pieces, which sometimes involve VFX work. Additionally, my corporate work often includes shooting 2-3 hours of a single presenter against a green screen. Slow motion is a big part of my aesthetic as well (here’s a sample of one of my personal family pieces:

    – so overall, a mixed bag of shooting scenarios (some corporate, run n’ gun/events, personal stuff, green screen). I’m almost always working solo, although occasionally I have an assistant on some of the corporate projects.

    Up until now, I’ve been using M43 cameras (GH3/GH4/GH5) exclusively (and shooting in 4K since the GH4), but have been ready for a while now both personally and professionally to step up to a dedicated 4K super 35 cinema camera for professional and personal reasons. I’m not invested at all in either EF or E-mount glass (I do not own any of either), so I will need to purchase a few new lenses as well, and have been leaning toward native E-mount if I go with a Sony camera.

    I had been trying to decide primarily between the URSA mini Pro and the FS5, and the FS5 seems to be a great fit in many ways – super 35 sensor, built-in XLRs, amazing vari-ND tech, great form factor, small and lightweight, high frame rate, better in low light than URSA mini Pro, 4K, and (with the RAW upgrade + Inferno), ability to record 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes (great for the green screen and personal VFX stuff) and continuous high frame rate.

    After months of research (including watching many of your reviews) and a few rentals, I was ready to pull the trigger on purchasing an FS5 (and then adding the RAW upgrade + Inferno down the line) when both the C200 and EVA1 were announced, and now I’m not so sure about my initial decision, although both of those cameras cost more (or likely more in the case of the EVA1) than either the FS5 or URSA mini Pro.

    But now Sony has the $1,000 rebate going on until the end of the month, although it’s possible an FS5II may be just around the corner at this point (but likely to be much more expensive). Given the context of what I’ve described above, would you recommend the FS5 as the best all-around camera for the type of projects I shoot, or would you recommend something different/coming out soon (URSA mini Pro/Canon C200/Panasonic EVA1/or eventual FS5II)?

    Thank you in advance for any advice or thoughts you might provide.

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