PowerXND 2000 from Aurora-Aperture

Crazy STRONG Variable ND Filter! (11 Stops)

Neutral Density (or ND) filters are indispensable when you want to get a narrow depth of field while filming in very bright light (for example, outdoors on a sunny day). Sometimes you can’t or don’t want to make the shutter go fast enough to open the aperture up all the way. That’s when you need an ND filter. Unfortunately, these filters are usually expensive.

Well, recently Tom had a chance to try out affordable neutral density filters from Aurora-Aperture. Their filters are variable, meaning you can easily change how much light they block, and go all the way up to 11 stops! Very impressive.

Here is Tom’s full review of these ND filters

You can get the Aurora-Aperture PowerXND 2000 Variable ND filters on BH Photo Video, eBay, Amazon

You can find more information about the filter on Aurora’s website and their Kickstarter page.

2 thoughts on “Crazy STRONG Variable ND Filter! (11 Stops)”

  1. Hello Tom, with the laowa lens 9mm MFT, the 49mm ND filter vignette the corners ?? Should I take a larger diameter for the ND filter ?

    Thank you.

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