Best Indie Film Audio Setup with Rode NTG 4+ Shotgun Mic

Here is my new favorite shotgun mic for film work. It’s the Rode NTG 4+.

I have previously also used a Rode microphone but it was an older model the Rode NTG 2. This new version has better audio sensitivity and also a built in battery so it doesn’t require phantom power.

Here is my video review of the mic with audio samples. Also I show you my whole setup with the boom pole, shock mount and recorder.

You can get the mic and accessories on, BH Photo Video and eBay.

Rode NTG 4+ microphone on eBay and

Rode Blimp and Shock Mount on eBay and

Rode Boompole on eBay and

Rode NTG-2 mic was my previous go-to mic and it’s still a great option, if you want to save some money. You can get it on Amazon, BH Photo and eBay.

Below are all the other accessories I use with my audio setup.

Coocheer 7500mAh Portable USB battery on eBay and

XLR cable on eBay and

Zoom H5 recorder on eBay and

Articulated arm to attach the Zoom recorder to the boom-pole

on eBay

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