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I am on a tour!

I am excited to announce that I will be touring with a filmmaking workshop – the 2 Day Cine School. We have worked really hard to prepare this workshop for you and I really believe that those of you who attend will get a lot out of it. To give you a sense of what to expect, here is the tour trailer.

You can purchase the tickets here.

Also, if you pre-order your ticket this week (ending Sunday January 24/2016), you will get a 22% discount. Please use the discount code below.


Mar. 7/2016 UPDATE: the original promotion has ended, but please try using the coupon code: “2DAY” (without quotes). It should get you a 20% discount.

The tour takes place between February and May of this year and I will be visiting twenty-eight cities in six countries!

Hope to see you there.

    Here are all the dates and cities:

  • February 22-23 Phoenix, AZ
  • February 24-25 Albuquerque, NM
  • February 29-March 1st Dallas, TX
  • March 2-3 Austin, TX
  • March 4-5 Houston, TX
  • March 7-8 New Orleans, LA
  • March 10-11 Miami, FL
  • March 15-15 Atlanta, GA
  • March 17-18 St. Louis, MO
  • March 21-22 Cincinnati, OH
  • March 24-25 Philadelphia, PA
  • March 28-29 Washington, DC
  • March 30-31 New York City
  • April 4-5 Boston, MA
  • April 7-8 Montreal, QC
  • April 9-10 Toronto, ON
  • April 12-13 Chicago, IL
  • April 14-15 Minneapolis, MN
  • April, 18-19 Las Vegas, NV
  • April 24-25 Vancouver, BC
  • April 26-27 Portland, OR
  • April 30-May 1st San Francisco, CA
  • May 3-4 Orange County, CA
  • May 5-6 Los Angeles, CA
  • May 10-11 London, England
  • May 13-14 Madrid, Spain
  • May 16-17 Berlin, Germany
  • May 19-20 Krakow, Poland

13 thoughts on “I am on a tour!”

  1. oh nooooooo you dont come in FRANCE ;(
    i really wanted to thank you in person for all your help through videos and tutorials….
    you are the best 😉


    ( il might try to join in Madrid though…)

  2. Hi Tom,
    You are a great indie-inspirator(I just coined this term for you 🙂
    I am sure you can/would record those sessions and edit the best out them and available for purchase/offline viewing for people who can’t make it.
    Advance thanks and expectation.

    1. Yes, there will be a digital download available afterwards, but really the best way to learn is to participate so you can work along with me and ask questions etc.

  3. Hi Tom,

    You are really doing a good job, watching your tutorials made have that much interest in film director even though a don’t have that much knowleadge but i beleave i can make it….now what i want to know is the name of the software that you used to create those cups in one of music video tutorial.

  4. Tom,

    If you have time when you’re in Los Angeles I’d like to have lunch or dinner to discuss a project that I might want you to shoot for me. Hope the tour is going great!


  5. Hi Tom, you’re doing a great job and I’m your biggest fan in Nigeria. I was wondering if you’ve got any plans for an intensive and interactive hands-on music video workshop/course where participants are taught and shown every aspect of music video making from pre production, production to post production.

    Kindly work something out for Lagos Nigeria this year. It would be a pleasure to provide all the support I can to make your stay in Nigeria and the course a success.

    Looking forward to your swift response.

    Best wishes.

  6. hi Tom, i couldnt make the trip to Berlin London or madrid because financial issues and it made me very frustrated…
    I still follow you on both youtube channels though and want to congratulate you for the inspiration you keep giving to hundread thousand aspiring filmmakers as me !

    Just a lil question : i dont see any scene at Madrid masterclass…
    Is something bad happened ?

    Nicolas from Paris

    ps: Next time come to the Lumiere brothers’ country dude ^^

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