Cool Shorts by Eric Kissack

Today I wanted to share a couple of very entertaining short films, “The Gunfighter” and “Blessing in Disguise”, directed by Eric Kissack.

You might have already seen those films as they have garnered a lot of attention online (for example, The Gunfighter has over 1M views on Vimeo alone). But since short films almost never have the benefit of a marketing campaign push, I think we should always try to spread the word about these great films, even if we are very late to the party.

You can see both films on Vimeo

The Gunfighter is also available on YouTube.

Eric Kissack is an experienced editor, well-established in Hollywood. As a director, he started in 2010 with the short “Vanishing Point”, and has remained very busy, producing a number of short films and also a micro-budget feature film “Love, Sex and Missed Connections”. To find out more about the progression of Kissack’s career, read this insightful interview.

Kissack also has a website that is well worth bookmarking.

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