The summer of sweet cameras

I am excited about a number of cameras that are about to come out this summer. They are all DSLMs, which means they are small and fairly affordable (especially when compared to professional cameras like the Canon’s C line or the Red cameras), yet they offer very high quality video recording at 4K.

The two main cameras that I’m excited about are the Panasonic G7 and FZ300. They have (M43) sensors similar to the GH4, providing 4K video, but at a much lower price (an amazing price, in my opinion). Those are the best beginner filmmaker cameras out there right now.

Another exciting camera is the new Sony a7R II. It is full-frame, just like the Sony a7S, but it allows to shoot 4K video internally, without the need of a recorder.

It also has a better S-Log2 colour space – it can be used at ISO 800 and above, versus ISO 3200 and above for the a7S (i.e. the S-Log2 in a7S is nearly impossible to use when shooting outside in daylight). The newer Sony camera is also supposed to be great in low light, although not quite as good as the a7s – due to the smaller photo sensors (i.e. pixel size) combined with a higher pixel count. The Sony a7R II takes photos at over 40 mega pixels resolution… insane!

Here’s where you can order or pre-order these cameras

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