Camera Monitors review by Tom Antos

7-inch Camera Monitors Comparison

Today I’m going to compare three 7-inch camera monitors – they are all very good monitors and they fit a wide range of budgets, from $200 all the way to $2000.

    They are:

  • Aputure VS-2 Monitor – around $200
  • Lilliput 663/s Monitor – around $600
  • Atomos Shogun 4K Recorder and Monitor – $2000

Please note that since prices of electronics go down all the time, the prices might be lower by the time you read this post.

Despite the very different prices, all these monitors offer good value. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, of course. If you’re in the market for a field monitor and want to figure out which one is the best option for you, check out my video

I already did a detailed review of the Atomos Shogun – it includes a guide on how to use waveforms, vector scopes etc., plus, it talks about Shogun’s amazing video recording capabilities. So, check out that post to find out more.

I also have a review of the Aputure VS-2 monitor, so click here to find more.

You can get deals on these monitors on Amazon, eBay and B&H Photo Video.

Aputure VS-2 Monitor

Also, check out eBay for good deals.

Lilliput Monitor 7inch 663/s

The best deal I’ve seen so far on this monitor was USD$589 on eBay

Atomos Shogun

Atomos Shogun 4K on eBay

If you decide to buy the Shogun monitor/recorder, then you will also need to get solid state drives to be able to record on it. Here is the SSD that I use

SanDisk Ultra II 240GB SSD on eBay

I also highly recommend that you get a sunshade for the Shogun. Here is the best one for this monitor

Lastly, you will need batteries. All three monitors use Sony NP-F style batteries, which you can get here

Again, check eBay for great deals on Sony NP-F batteries

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  1. Hi Tom, great and concise review, I like the fact that you think about the low budget folks.

    By the way coming from a Sony Pd 170 camcorder with a $1500 budget to make the transition to DSLR/Micro third with slider lights for ( Wedding and events). Can you direct me to a decent camera film gear.

    Thanks so much for your service.

  2. Tom,

    Your work is amazing..How can I hire you to direct my short film?
    It is accompanying a song we are releasing in January.

    I have a proposal ans would like to have a minute with you to discuss

    Please call me

    (405) 237-8377

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