Shane Hurlbut’s Cinematography Tour

Those of you interested in cinematography must have heard of Shane Hurlbut. He’s been the director of cinematography on many big Hollywood movies, including Need for Speed, Act of Valor and Terminator Salvation. You can check out his profile on IMDB.

Besides his work on Hollywood productions, Shane is also active online, generously sharing his knowledge with other filmmakers. Recently, he has also started a US-based tour of workshops – the Illumination Experience Cinematography Tour – that offers to teach lighting techniques that have made Shane’s work so highly praised.

Last weekend Shane’s tour stopped in New York City and – lucky for me – I was able to attend and experience the workshop first-hand. Here are some of my thoughts.

The workshop is a great way to see how big budget Hollywood films are made.

You will get a chance to see and play with some expensive cameras like the Canon C500 and MoVI gimbal, Canon Cine Lenses, etc.

It is incredible to see Shane’s level of precision and how much thought he puts into his work. The man never slows down – he is constantly striving to make his images better.

Shane brings two film set replicas from “Swing Vote” and “Crazy/Beautiful“. If you also attend the the Experience Masterclass part of the workshop, then you will see how these sets get lit from scratch. Shane adds lights one by one and explains why he uses them and what they do. You can even get selected to be the lucky guy or girl who will call the shots as a cinematographer for an hour – and Shane will follow your orders.

Overall, Shane is just a fun and full-of-life kind of a guy. He makes the whole learning experience a lot of fun.

In this video, I talk more about my impressions of the tour.

Learning some neat lighting tips from @hurlbutvisuals @ #IETour Gotta join if u wanna learn from the pros





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  1. Hi, My son Connor whose 15 is interested in photography. I found my passion for machine building when I was his age. We’ll be in the Los Angeles area on July 16-19. Are there any tours that would give him a nudge . We’re from Chicago.
    Thanks for working so hard for what you do.
    Tony Mulchrone

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