New Tutorial – Ring Lights !

In the latest tutorial, I talk about the most common use of RING LIGHTS and how to do a setup with one for a music video performance. What’s even better, I use a DIY home-built ring light… AND I explain how I built it. So get ready not just for another filmmaking tutorial but a little construction workshop.

Tutorial 8

WARNING: Build at your own risk!

Here’s a list of materials you’ll need:
4’x2′ plywood (1/2 inch thick) – $8
12 lightbulbs (40watt) – $20
12 lightbulb sockets – $18
Dimmer Switch (600watt) – $8
Switch Tray – $2
Box of Screws – $3
10-15 ft of 12 gauge wire – $3
Outlet Plug – $2
Total = $64

Tools you’ll need:
Saw (jigsaw is better)
YOUR HANDS! (best tools out there 🙂

First you start off by drawing a circle on the plywood as big as you can fit. I added a little extra since I knew I wanted to attach a 1″x1″ thick aluminum tube so that I can then mount my whole ring light on my old light stand. Then cut out the shape with your saw.

Then inside that big circle, cut out a smaller one. Make sure you leave enough space so you can screw in your lightbulb sockets.

Then layout all your lightbulb sockets around the ring, and mark off the position of each with a pencil. Then drill a 1/2″ wide hole in the middle of where each of your lightbulb sockets will go. Now you’re ready to start feeding the 12 gauge wire through all the holes. Then you connect all the lightbulb sockets to the wires. Plus to plus, minus to minus, and the ground wire you just feed all the way through to the end.

After that’s done you’re ready to connect the wire to the dimmer switch (follow the instruction that come with your dimmer switch) then mount the connected dimmer switch inside the switch tray, and screw all of that somewhere to your ring light. Last step is to connect the outlet plug to the dimmer switch. Again plus to plus and minus to minus etc. Now you’re ready to screw in your lightbulbs and start lighting your scene. (TIP: when first testing out your ring light, it’s a good idea to only screw in one lightbulb, and plug your ringlight to a powerbar that has a trip breaker. This way if you connected the wires incorrectly you won’t blow your fuses in your house).

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