Lighting Set-up for a Pop Music Video

Here’s a lighting set-up you can reuse in many music videos where you want to have that beautiful, colorful look you see in expensive pop music videos. To help you along, the video includes diagrams to show you exactly how to set up.

This TUTORIAL is actually just a a short version of one of the chapters from my MUSIC VIDEO FILM SCHOOL tutorials that I sell here.

Tutorial 40

You can get all the equipment used in the video on Amazon or eBay

Here you can see Dahlia Fernandes’ “Tomorrow Tonight”.

One thought on “Lighting Set-up for a Pop Music Video”

  1. Hi Tom,
    I’m a big fan of your cinematography tutorials on YouTube. Recently, I have saving up enough money to buy a lighting equipments sets. However, I am just a college student in my sophomore year, so my budget is limit. I look over the link that you post for this tutorial. The redhead lights look amazing. I was wondering if you purchased the light bulb from other website because I don’t see an option for 1000 watts for redhead. If so, can you please tell me where you purchase the light bulb from and how long does it last? Thank you so much

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